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Bold West Day 8

Today was full of twists and turns- literally and figuratively! Dilan details it in the blog post below:

We started off the day with a much anticipated hotel breakfast containing bagels, cereal, eggs, and a captivating self-making pancake machine.

After breakfast, Kai took a group of Will, Daniel, Ailie and Dilan to help with the van inspection. After the inspection, we were ready for the 7 hour drive to Sequoia.

About 30 minutes in, we stopped at 7 Magic Mountains, which weren’t even mountains but 7 rock towers of all different colors. It was still pretty cool and several people including Will and Aanika were trying to find grips to climb the rocks.

After this stop, we were back on the road. We stopped at a gas station and Xander bought 48 gummies and Raphaelle got $10 earrings.

Soon after, we made another bathroom stop.

Then, we made another. At that gas station, Raphaelle got “stuck” in the bathroom and got out after some laughter.

Our next stop, was a park to eat lunch. After we realized the park was closed, we decided to eat lunch outside the park in the shade. While Owen and Daniel were eating their Subway sandwiches they got beforehand, Raffy was saving the day with her sandwich making skills and everyone had a good meal.

We had to go to another bathroom after because the park was closed. That’s 4 gas stations so far.

While nearing Walmart, we were driving on the highway when a tire blew off our trailer. Theo and Will heard the sound and Kai reacted very fast and got us safely to the side of the highway.

We called for roadside assistance, unhitched the trailer, and drove our van to a nearby McDonald’s while Kai went back and waited for roadside assistance. We entertained ourselves by playing Uno for what seemed like an hour. While Ben, Daniel, and Will were playing games, Noel thought we were going to get kicked out.

We went to a park because someone named Raphaelle was way too energetic to be inside. After some playing, we went back to McDonald’s and ordered dinner. Theo, Ailie, Aanika and Raffy opted to get Subway across the street.

After about 2.5 hours waiting for the tire to get fixed, Kai came back with the van and trailer which now has two wheels again. We then had an hour drive to Walmart. After a quick food shop, we were finally on the home stretch to Sequoia.

After 9 stops and 13 hours on the road, we finally made it to the campsite. We set up camp in the dark, took a few minutes to settle in, had our evening meeting, and finally went to bed.

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