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Bold West Day 7

Howdy! Today’s blog post was written by Dilan, our leader of the day who takes initiative and leads with love:

We woke up early with 5:45 alarms. We packed up our tents in record time and then had a cereal breakfast. Kai then took a group of Theo, Ben, Dilan, Daniel, and Noel to pack up the trailer. After two quick trips, we were ready to go to Vegas.

Due to us not being able to get a hitch on our new van to St. George, we dropped off Kai to get a truck to transport our trailer to Vegas and Raffy took the wheel. A little more than halfway through our trip, we took a bathroom break at a gas station. After short time in the gas station, the cold temperature of the store drove us out, and we were back on the road. When we were nearing Vegas, we stopped to pick up a hitch for our trailer. After a brief stop, we were driving again and ready to get to Vegas. 2 1/2 hours after our departure we finally arrived in Las Vegas. And when we got to the hotel, Ailie was the first to get hot chocolate. Julia, Xander, Ben, Owen, Noel, and Daniel were quick to follow.

Ben and Daniel then went to play pool as we waited in the lobby. Theo did some exploring and found six dollar pad Thai in the lobby. Xander and Rafael joined Theo in the pad Thai adventure. Annika watched in dismay as Raphaëlle almost ate the noodles uncooked. After checking into our rooms, we met Kai outside with the trailer. We got our laundry from our bags and headed over to finally wash them. Washing everyone’s clothes took about three hours, but the time passed much faster because everyone finally got their phones after seven days without them. Even though we had our phones for over an hour, the time passed in an instant, and we had to give them back.

Kai then took a group of Dilan, Will, and Ailie to pick up the van, which now has a trailer hitch while everyone else went back to their rooms. We all had about two hours of free time before heading out for dinner in Vegas. After a short drive to the Las Vegas strip, we went to an arcade. Kai and Raffy handed out play cards, and everyone was off to the races. During the prize collection, Will and Dilan got 30 red candies and 30 green candies. Raffy then soon came with pizza to save everyone’s hunger. After the pizza was devoured, a couple people went to Dairy Queen for dessert. We then headed back to the hotel for evening meeting in the hotel lobby. Everyone then rushed up to their rooms for a good night sleep.

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