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Bold West Day 4

*Note from the office: The van broke down at the campsite while the group was camping in Veyo, Utah.  This resulted in a switch out of vehicles for a new and even better van for the group! 

Hiya! Todays blog post comes from our fantastic leader of the day, Ben who bravely lead us through the day:

After a long day yesterday, we all enjoyed a late wake up this morning. Ben, Julia, Xander and Daniel were up a little earlier to cook our breakfast. After a longer wait, with the rest of the crew snacking on Swiss rolls, our pancake and sausage breakfast was ready. Other than a few burnt pancakes, we enjoyed plain, banana, and M&M pancakes with meat and veggie sausage.

Last night was our last night in Zion, so after breakfast was cleaned up, we all packed our bags and tents and loaded up the trailer. After our van crew, Kai, Raphaelle, Dilan, Ailie and Owen, conducted our van inspection, we started our journey to our next destination, St. George. After finding out we get our first showers in St, George, Kai enforces a new consequence for not wearing your seatbelt…. Last shower.

Along the way, we stopped at a Walmart to do our tri-daily grocery shopping. We shopped for our previously planned meals by us. Ben, Ailie, Aanika and Xander were the first to finish shopping. We ate our packed lunch in the parking lot and went back in to do our personal shopping. With Xander buying the water guns and Theo with 3 pies, we were all loaded up to continue our journey to St. George.

As we arrived at St, George, we put on our bathing suits, applied sunscreen and enjoyed the first real pool of our trip. In the pool, we were all entertained by a water bouncing ball brought by Theo. While playing, we made a new friend, Elliot, who was from Las Vegas.

After swimming, we checked out our new campsite while we were entertained with Ben, Ailie, and Daniel performing magic & Noel accusing them of cheating.

We then started in on shuttling our things from the trailer in the parking lot to the campsite. Our first trip was successful, but after that we ran into some surprises. After loading the second trip into the van, it suddenly broke down. Luckily, our neighbors were able to help us with their truck and shuttle everything to our campsite. Oh how we love the kindness of strangers!

Raffy made some calls to get van logistics sorted while Will, Aanika, and Raphaelle kept her company and chilled in the nearby shade.

We continued to set up camp and prepare for the night. A little later, we settled down with a plan. Our van would be towed and Kai would pick up a new one. Raffy lead an impromptu funeral for the van where we shared fond memories of the times we’ve had so far and said goodbye.

As the unexpected van challenges took up some time, cook crew (Julia, Dilan, Noel and Daniel) decided to throw together a “charcuterie dinner” with a bunch of random easy foods. After dinner, we had evening meeting and headed to bed, hoping for better luck tomorrow.

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