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Bold West Day 5

Today’s blog post comes from our cool, calm, collected, willing to help with everything leader of the day, Aanika!

We started the day off great with Kai safely back at camp with a working van. Julia, Noel, Dilan and Daniel prepared our leftover dinner, which was mostly breakfast food.

We loaded up in the new and improved van where we experienced a bumpy ride down a dirt road to our meeting spot for today’s activities. When we arrived to rock climb, our instructors got us geared up. After a short hike, we got a safety briefing and climbing demo before we headed up the wall. Then Will, Raph and Theo were the first to climb.

The three worked on finding a crepe recipe while Noel taught Aanika and Dilan French memes.

Ailie was the first to finish the hardest climb and soon after, others followed. We took turns climbing and had fun hanging out on the rocks in between ascents.

We took a 30 minute drive to In-n-Out, enjoying the air conditioning along the way. Daniel made a sticker bracelet for Raph.

Once we got back to camp, we rock climbed by the river. Hyrum, our instructor, gave us a challenge to rock climb with only one hand and your feet. Ben, Ailie, and Kai were the only ones who attempted this. Raffy, Noel, Will, Owen, Dilan and Raph were down at the river crawdad hunting and caught one.

Once everyone wanted to cool off, we headed to the pool. Many swam, while Julia and Aanika opted to read in the shade. Then, cook crew (Raph, Will, Theo, Owen) took the initiative to head back to camp early to start preparing a fancy crepe dinner. Some of us doubted that camp crepes would turn out, but thanks to Raph’s expertise (she’s French), they turned out really good! But because it took them 2.5 hours, the cook crew is sure they are never making crepes again!

After dinner, Xander dominated in a game of basketball before having our evening meeting and going to sleep.

(Note: we will upload photos once we have better service! The last few days have been updated with pictures ☺️)

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