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Bold West Day 3

Hi y’all! We’re still at Zion National Park where we have limited service. Sorry we can’t post photos while we’re here, they just won’t upload. But we’ll update the blog soon with them!

Here’s today’s blog post written by our fearless leader of the day, Theo:

We started off the day with 5 AM alarms. This dazed Will so much that he brought his duffel bag to the bathroom. Later, this was used as comedic material in the breakfast skit (every time we eat a meal, the cook crew performs a skit!). But before eating a proper breakfast, we grabbed some fruit and embarked on a sunrise hike on the Canyon Overlook Trail. However, we were a bit impatient and left before we could fully see the sun.

While waiting for the sun, Raphaelle asked a random couple on a photo shoot if they were engaged. After the hike, we ate a breakfast of oatmeal. Some people, including Ben, Raffy, and Theo got creative and added cereal to it, too.

After breakfast, Raffy and Owen helped teach us the truffle shuffle, which is not as fun as it sounds (it’s the way we dispose of dirty dishwater at a campground)

Then, we had to move our campsite across the road and there was a lively debate about the best tent spot which Julia, Aanika, Ailie, and Raphaelle won, but later they honorably decided to choose a different spot.

Once set up in our new and improved spot, we played wuffle ball where Daniel hit a moonshot and lead his team to a 5-1 victory.

After lunch, we got ready for something we were all excited about: the beautiful, the astounding, the wild, the refreshing NARROWS. 

The Narrows are a hike through the Virgin River. No path, only a river. Along the way, we stopped multiple times, including on a slope, with what we thought was a cave. We are always looking for caves, thanks to Kai and others. We also stood in a cavern with Dilan, Will, Julia, and Aanika at the highest point. As we kept crossing the river, we stumbled around and Xander, Ben, Ailie, and Raffy always helped make the hike enjoyable with jokes, games, and laughter.

As the day continued on, Ben and Raffy continued to display their telepathy skills but many became skeptical.

When we reached our stopping point, Will, Ben, and Aanika found a rock to climb. It was a little challenging but Noel, Xander, Daniel, and Owen helped others get up.

On the way back, most people decided to go find the swing from yesterday. Theo and Will lead this journey while Dilan and Ben doubted them. When we arrived, Xander, Raffy, and Ben determined the swing was broken. Noel, Theo, Ben, and Xander jumped in the river anyway as Owen watched from close by.

Ailie, Julia, and Kai were waiting for us as we returned. We were “surprised” with ice cream by Raffy and Kai.

A pre-dinner quote from Chef Dilan is that “the burgers are great because I cooked them.” Daniel thinks it is the best meal Dilan has ever cooked and Xander thinks Will is wrong for eating his burgers upside down.

Signing off, s’mores.


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