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Bold Earth Adventures

Bold West Day 21

By Raph

After a short night, we all woke up at 2 am and Dilan and Will found Theo and Noel sleeping on the table outside.
After 30 min, everything was packed and we all went into the van to the airport and had a deep sleep.
When we arrived, we got our phones back and Dilan, Ailie, Theo and Owen dropped their duffles bag.
After 10 min, it was our first goodbyes and our last big squeeze together.
After they left, we went to another terminal for Aanika Ben and Noel but Noel left a few hours later.
We sent their duffle bags away and it was another sad big squeeze.
After an hour, we found out thanks to Theo and Dilan that Owen had spend over 50$ for 16 lollipops. We are still wondering how.
A few minutes later, it was Noel’s turn and the third big squeeze of the day.
Raffie went with him while Kai, Raph, Xander, Daniel and will changed terminals.
We waited for Xander to check in and we did another big squeeze, all sad to loose our birthday girl.
After he left, we went went back to the last terminal to drop will. We spent over two hours in the hallway. We say bye to Will and the big squeeze was very tight.
We had another 2 hours before Daniel’s flight so everyone took a nap while Raph was taking videos of Daniel sleeping.
Around 12, we all went to our last terminal.
We had a big squeeze with only four people and Dani sadly left.
After, Raph had to check in and we had the last big squeeze of the trip.
She went into the flight and then it was the end.

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