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Bold West Day 19

By Theo

At around 630 Xander woke up, and the rest of cook crew quickly followed. The briskly packed as everyone else slowly crawled out of their tent. While waiting for breakfast, Kai sacrificed his slow, relaxing morning to help everybody out and find a key to open the gate. During this time, Raffy announced that there would be a talent show tonight. Excitement did not follow.

As breakfast grew nearer, Raffy, Raph, Aanika, Noel and Ailie played Bananagrams.

We had a delicious breakfast of French toast and eggs prepared by 1976 (Ben, Daniel, and Xander). They also set out a sandwich bar and snacks to pack food for lunch.

After breakfast, we packed up the trailer and headed to Stinson beach for another day of surfing. Along the way, we stopped at a mountain spring to get some good, high quality water.

We arrived at Stinson Beach really early. Will climbed the lifeguard tower and Theo attempted to join but was held hostage by Ben, Daniel, Dilan and Noel. Many wrestled and jumped on each other as we waited to surf.

Our instructors today were Shannon, Mac, Thiago, Nicki and Anna. After a brief stretch, we all sprinted into the water, but Ben and Ailie quickly ditched their boards and body surfed. Owen, Theo and Daniel slowly trickled to bodysurfing. Many struggled due to the gigantic waves.

3 highlights of surfing were:

1. Seeing 2 seals up close

2. Aanika and Raph catching a wave side by side

3. When Dilan and Noel caught a wave together and held hands at the end of the ride.

As the lunch bell sounded, we got out of the water, changed, and found a table for lunch. While eating, we thanked our great instructors.

As we finished, we filed into the van and headed to China Camp for our last 2 nights. After less than an hour of Kai’s F1 driving, we reached our camp and brought our stuff up the hill to our site.

Once we were all set up, we left for a nearby beach but Xander, Owen and Ailie volunteered to shop for a few things with Jai. When everyone else reached the beach, many were hesitant to go in, but Aanika and Theo went waist deep for a short bit.

At the beach, there was a hidden gem of a store. It was cheap. The owner said he made more money from us than he does in a week: Ben, Dilan and Theo all had 3 ice creams/icees and Noel had 2 glass cokes. Many more joined in on the feast. We sadly had to head back to camp to start making a great ramen dinner what was prepared by TOADs. Theo, Owen, Ailie and Dilan immediately got to work on dinner. Others showered and Ben and Daniel worked hard cleaning group gear. While cooking a great dinner, the TOADs adopted the motto “we are so good”. This lead to Dilan saying “I want to be a chef when I grow up” and “so, so yummy”. During this time, Ben, Daniel, Xander and Will were playing Noel’s game, blackjack. We also met our neighbors Betty, Joe, Big Daddy and their kids. They were added to the talent show roster. Raph and Aanika also traded wanted food item lists to mail to each other from their respective countries.

Dinner was finally ready and it lived up to the hype. Dessert was also great, it was banana pudding.

After dinner, we had a crazy talent show, highlighted by the “Big Daddy Band”, another surprise performance by a camping neighbor, and Noel getting sturdy in a battle against Raph. The battle was which French musician is better: Gazo or Jul. Gazo won. The talent show ended in iconic fashion with Noel being carried off by all his fans.

Afterwards, we had a peaceful evening meeting and a good night’s rest.

Next stop, Alcatraz.

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