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Bold West Day 17

By Ailie

We woke up around 7:00 and packed up our tents and duffel bags before breakfast was done, which was prepared by Will, Daniel, Noel, and Xander and consisted of eggs, cheese, and croissants. After finishing breakfast, we continued to shuttle bags and bins from our campsite to the van. Once that was done, we played a quick game where we had to link hands and untangle ourselves. Then we split into our last cook crews of the trip 🙁 we quickly planned our last meals and set out on the road to our next camp, Frank Valley.

On our drive, we stopped a few times for gas and restrooms before making it to Raley’s grocery store for our last restock on food. After a swift restock, we continued in our way to Frank Valley. After many long naps and Raph wrapping a string around a strand of Anika’s hair, we eventually made it…. We thought. But after passing many parked cars and not seeing our camp, we found a conservation corp worker who pointed us in the right direction. Soon after, we made it to our new camp. It is an open, no-neighbored site with plenty of space and tables. We quickly set up tents and the group gear thanks to Theo putting in some hard work for us.

Our cook crew, “50% French” began making our amazing poke bowl dinner consisting of rice, chicken, tofu, cucumber, edamame, lettuce and this weird but delightful seasoning. The cook crew consisted of the 2 French people, Raph and Noel and two Americans, Aanika and Will.

For dessert, we were presented with apple cinnamon cake. Once everybody had their first piece, a war for seconds had begun. Cook crew decided to let a game decide our fate. They hid 3 spoons around camp, and the hounds were set loose. Theo found his first, Daniel close behind with the second one. Suddenly there was a pile on the ground consisting of Ben, Dilan and Ailie. In the middle was the 3rd spoon, covered by our hands. To settle the tie, we circled around Will as he spun around us with his eyes closed and chose a lucky winner at random. It turned out to be Dilan. Then, another piece of cake was found. Ailie and Ben rock paper scissored for the last piece and Ben won. As he was going to get his piece, Raffy’s face was stuffed with it. After a lot of shouting and some tears shed, we decided to head down to the beach for sunset and evening meeting. It was only a 5 minute drive and we found a close parking spot. We got out of the van and ran to the beach. Will, Theo, Aanika, Raph and Dilan ran into the ocean first, quickly followed by Ben and Ailie. Raffy stayed on the beach and lifeguarded and Xander, Owen, Dilan and Kai decided to stay on dry land.

After a lot of splashing, jumping and diving, Theo and Will had a fashion show with the very exclusive on-brand seaweed necklaces, worth at least $20,000 for each one.

The sun soon set as everyone left the ocean. It quickly became too cold for folks so the swimmers ran to the other side of the beach where there was still a spot of sun.

The tide was coming in and the sun was leaving us, so we made a group decision to head back to camp for dry clothes and comfy crazy creek chairs. We soon began evening meeting, but not before playing a few pranks on each other.

We had a very laughter-filled evening meeting. After, we tried to go to bed, but not before Will offered massages to the guys, we oooohed and aaaahed at raccoons, and took advantage of being able to be loud due to the fact that we didn’t have neighbors or official campground quiet hours. Eventually, we went to bed.

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