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Bold West Day 16

By Will:

We woke up to 6:30 alarms and the cold morning breeze of the river. After another 10 minute of not wanting to get out of our sleeping bags, we all got up and packed away our hongs into our dry bags.

By 7:15, Garrett, Rosie and a Gordon had prepared us with hot chocolate, tea, coffee and orange juice along with a breakfast appetizer of yogurt and granola.

Shortly after, breakfast was ready. We all enjoyed sunny side up eggs with cheese, sausage Pattie’s and English muffins. After all dishes were cleaned, Rosie and Theo packed up the shade tent and the rest of the camp was cleaned up. We then set off on the river.

Our first section on the river of Day 2 was very mellow. Small rapids, and lots of swimming areas, though no one was up for the cold water yet. Due to the upcoming waterfalls, we had to unload our gear boat into a truck that would shuttle our stuff back to our campsite at OARS.

Once unloaded, we paddled back upstream for a hike and eventually lunch. Our hike was short, only about 1 mile out and back, but hiking through the steam and climbing on big rocks made it seem much longer. Finally, we all made it to our final destination: a grand waterfall which filled a small swimming hole for all of us to swim in.

After our dip, we all hiked down to our lunch spot where our raft guides prepared another great meal. Once everyone had finished eating and all boats were packed up, we set off on our final section of our whitewater rafting trip.

Our first class 4 rapid of the day was an exciting drop down a streaming rapid. All people from both rafts stayed in. Then, chaos ensued.

The next rapid was a huge, 30 foot, multi-step waterfall. We weren’t allowed to go down, but Garrett and Rosie went down alone, while Kai and Raffy led us to where we would meet them to get back on our rafts. Garrett and Rosie both safely made it down, but unfortunately another guide from a different company missed the docking area and was slowly drifting down another big rapid. Thankfully, Gordon and another company were there with ropes to save her when she jumped out, but her raft had other plans. Watching the raft go down the next rapid, Gordon then sprinted across and down the rocks to try and find the abandoned raft. Once we all loaded back into our rafts, we headed further down stream into another class 4 rapid. At the bottom, we saw the abandoned raft stuck on a rock in the middle of the river. Garrett decided that it was our job to save the raft. After paddling past, and then directly behind it, Will, Ben and Kai held onto the rock it was stuck on while Garrett stepped out. After 3 attempts, Garrett was able to reach Gordon with a rope that was attached to the stuck raft. After paddling back to where Gordon was, we picked him back up and we were finally able to continue on our trip.

Continuing on our rafting, we hit a bunch more class 4 rapids, and eventually ended our trip with a bunch of people jumping out and enjoying the cool water one last time. Once docked, we hauled the rafts and paddles to the van where we loaded up the rafts to the top. Then, we started on our way back to camp.

We made it back to camp at around 5:45, and after getting our dry bags back, we all dispersed around the campsite. Theo, Owen, Ben, Xander and Daniel went to take their well-deserved shower, while Raph, Aanika, Ailie and Noel played Bananagrams. A little while later, Theo, Aanika, Will, Xander and Raph went to the souvenir shop to get stickers and shirts while cook crew, Dilan, Ben, Owen and Theo, started on their dinner of chicken and pancakes.

Dinner was a big success. All chicken and pancakes were eaten and Raffy made sure to feed everyone spoonfuls of carrots. After dinner, cook crew presented us with cookies of many varieties.

Once dinner was cleaned, we had evening meeting. Once complete, we headed back to camp for showers and a good night sleep.

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