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Bold West Day 15

By Daniel

We woke up at 6:30, and we started to prepare for our first day of rafting. We packed clothes, sleeping stuff, and essential things in our dry bags which we would use at our river camp. Our cooking crew, TBD, formed by Dilan, Theo, Owen, and Ben prepared breakfast while Kai, Theo, Will, and Daniel got some ice for the cooler.

After that, we packed into the van and shuttled to the start of our river trip. A nice woman named Sue drove us.

Before we got on the rafts, Raffy and Kai had us line up in order by height and then numbered us off to make raft groups. Owen, Ben, Theo, Dilan, Will, Noel, and Kai went with Guide Garrett and Ailie, Xander, Daniel, Raph and Aanika went with Guide Rosie. Guide Gordon took the gear raft with all of our stuff to spend the night on the river.

After just 10 minutes of rafting, we arrived at the tunnel chute: our hardest class 4 rapid. But before entering we stopped and watched Gordon go alone first. Then Garrett’s team went, and then Rosie’s. An unexpected incident occurred, Raffy, Ailie, Aanika, Raph, Daniel, and Xander were stuck in a circular repetitive motion bouncing off a rock. Ailie was trying to be our new substitute raft guide by giving directions, but Raffy told us to stay there and wait for help.

While waiting, we started to play contact. After 10 minutes, a wave pushed us out of the little whirlpool and we all got down in the boat while going down the rapid. Aanika fell off but was saved and secured quickly.

Once we got down safely, we reunited with the group.

After that, everything went really chill until we arrived at a rock where everyone wanted to jump. Kai was first, then Dilan, then everyone else.

We navigated afterward through class 2 and 3 rapids. Then, we went to have a good lunch prepared by our guides. After, we went to a nice hidden waterfall to take some pictures. Once we arrived back from our side hike, we now had access to inflated duckies thanks to Gordon.

The first ones to use them were Theo in the so and Will and Dilan in the double. We took turns using the duckies, rafting, and swimming down the river to our campsite.

After arriving, we set up camp quickly before Theo, Xander, and Ben had the idea to hike upstream and float back down. They were quickly followed by Raph, Aanika, and Ailie. Will and Dilan were skipping rocks further down the river. Owen and Raffy talked about baseball and Daniel started writing this blog post.

Shortly after, our guides set up a water slide. Theo was the first to try it out. After many people slid down, the guides started cookies dinner after putting some snacks out for everyone.

There was a spontaneous rock competition judged by Raffy. Aanika won the first round with a strangely shaped rock, and Ailie won the second with a cool rock with a fascinating “backstory”.

After that, a lot of people went to play Bananagrams, others went to find more rocks, and other people just chilled.

Not much later, it was dinner time. We had riverside fajitas, which everyone really loved.

Followed by pound cake with strawberries and whipped cream.

Finally, we set up our sleeping necessities and went to sleep on this beautiful sandy riverbank.

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