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Bold West Day 12

Raphaelle, aka Raph aka Queen Uwu, aka leader of the day wrote today’s post, enjoy!:

After another brisk night, we woke up around 7:00am and the incredible cook crew, the Uwu Cuillere with Raph, Noel, Ailie, and Ben made us a great breakfast with granola, yogurt, banana, and strawberries. We packed burritos and snacks for lunch.

Then, Raffy announced the “big surprise” that wasn’t that big at all (mid-trip evaluations).

After the not Uwu surprise, we went in the van to do a hike in Yosemite again.

After only 5 minutes of driving, we made our first stop at the Yosemite General Store where most of the group bought a little some thing. Owen bought a beautiful hat, and others bought little souvenirs. While the boys were shopping, Raffy took Raph, Aanika, and Ailie to a beautiful spot to take pictures. Btw, Raffy took a beautiful selfie that she must put in the blog.

We got back in Bessie Uwu (our van), and Ailie was enjoying herself to draw on her and Daniel’s leg.

After 30 more minutes of driving, we stopped at the Yosemite National Park sign to take pictures!

Unfortunately the road was closed to Tenaya Lake, the place we were going to hang out today.

When we were all searching for a new idea, Kai proposed to go to a cave. We ended up not in a cave but at Cathedral Beach, a beautiful river with a view of El Capitan.

Aanika, Raph, Raffy, Daniel, and Will were playing Bananagrams, and Noel, Kai, and Ailie played with a ball. Ben, Owen, Xander, Theo, and Dilan were playing with mud in their hands.

After some time, we decided to go to Mirror Lake. Back in the car, we decided to take an Uwu little nap.

Then, we parked and started walking towards the lake which was a mile away. When we were walking, Raph, Aanika, and Theo had a fascinating conversation.

After what felt like a million-mile hike, we found a nice spot to chill near the lake.

Some of the guys saw people jumping off a rock into the lake and wanted to do the same. Raffy scoped it out and suggested they swim to the rock from another spot for safety reasons. So Raffy, Will, Theo, Daniel, Ben, and Dilan embarked on a big rock adventure and were gone for an hour and a half finding various rock spots to jump from. Aanika, Ailie, Raph, Kai, Noel, Owen, and Xander stayed at the first spot.

40 minutes after, the rock crew came back we hiked back to the van.

While Dilan was asking for the 2000th time for Raph’s Vaseline, Noel was giving Aanika, Raffy, Ailie, and Daniel French lessons.

Back in the van, we took a second Uwu nap.

Back at the camp, Xander, Dilan, Will, Kai, Noel, and Theo went to play mini golf while “The Original” cook crew, Owen, Aanika, and Daniel cooked us spaghetti, meatballs, and broccoli. Very good.

After dinner, we did the whip cream flip challenge and Will and Aanika were slaying while the Uwu Queen (Raph) had it all over her face.

We cleaned up the camp, van, and dishes and had a lovely evening meeting. We finished before 9pm and went to bed early!

(Heads up: we are doing laundry and making phone calls Tuesday July 11th midday PST. ☺️)

(Photos from the last few days have been uploaded!)

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