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Bold Earth Adventures

Bold West Day 1

Hi family and friends,

The day has finally arrived! We are finally all together, beginning our journey.

The day started at the Harry Reid International Airport, where students arrived and congregated in the baggage claim area. During the wait, we chatted, ate snacks, and played games. Students graciously gave up their phones and jumped right into hanging out together.

Once our numbers were whole, we headed out to Sunset Park for our orientation and first lunch. We were surrounded by cool wildlife: we saw geese, a roadrunner, other cool bird species, bunnies, a coyote, and fish. We played some name games, set some norms, and got to know each other a bit. We have such a great group!

Afterwards, we headed out of Vegas and towards Zion! We arrived at the campground, marveled at the beauty, and set up camp.

After dinner, we had our first evening meeting around the campfire which many of the students built themselves!

We are excited to kick off our full day of adventures tomorrow!

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