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Bold West 1: Pre-Trip Hello!

Hey Bold West students and families!

Welcome to our official trip blog!

This is where we’ll share our celebrations, challenges, reflections and musings throughout our trip. Students, we’re excited to have everyone play a role in making this OURS by taking turns writing, editing, and contributing photos.

Today, your trusty dusty trip leaders Raffy and Kai are here writing to let you know what we’ve been up to and to give a few updates.

First and foremost, we want to express how SUPER excited we are to officially begin our adventure and build our community in just a few days.

We spent the last week at the Bold Earth staff training in the beautiful Colorado mountains, getting a good refresher on all the Bold Earth magic. We’re both returning trip leaders who love Bold Earth and have been looking forward to this summer for a while! At the end of staff training, we packed up our van and trailer with all the gear we’ll need to make campsites all over feel like home. Now we’re on the road, heading to Vegas! We’ll spend the next couple of days sorting out logistics and finalizing our prep work. We want to make sure we touch base with each family before the trip, so you can expect a phone call from one of us at least a day before your flight departs. If you see an incoming call from a 619 or a 628 area code, please answer! 🙂

Thanks so much for signing up for this trip, we are SO EXCITED to make some amazing memories this summer.

Talk to/see you all soon!


Raffy and Kai

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