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Bold Alps Day 8

We started the day with wake-up at 7:25 and 42 seconds. After that, we packed up our stuff and ate breakfast. Shortly after, we started our trek. Five minutes in we approached a playground equipped with a rock wall and zip line. Luckily there were no parents to yell at us. After an intense game of tag, we continued on with the hike. We started by playing a game to get to know everyone better while hiking. CJ really enjoyed the game and decided that he would like to go back to the ice age and the pyramids. We then hiked into the valley and to the nicest bathroom of the entire trip, where there was also another zip line and a playground. James, Triston, Sanya, and Tennessee competed in a zip line competition however, Abe took the crown. We kept on walking through small towns and stopped at the town of Issert for lunch. There, Bertrand, had a large spread of food prepared for us. Cal, Abe, James, and Tennessee went climbing on rocks near the river. Izzy warned them to stay safe. After lunch, Bruno revealed a massive rock in his pack and Eli valiantly agreed to put it in his bag. After a few more hours of hiking, we approached a cave. Nora, Paige, and Laurence scared Abe. After even more hiking we stopped at Lake de Champex which was super duper “warm”. Braedyn and the rest of the girls swam despite their shivers. Jack watched the ducks and opted to stay warm. Shortly after, CJ and Eli went in for an ice bath. Luckily, Julia and Izzy showed up with lots of sugar. Then, we started our very steep hike to the hostel; the girls settled in quickly to their castle. Finally, we ate dinner and held a meeting before hitting the hay.

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