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Bold Alps Day 7

We woke up at 7 am in the Italian mountain hut. We then made our way to a breakfast buffet that was being served in the main floor of the hut. After we ate, we packed up our stuff and Eli did a sweep to make sure no one left anything. Then after hiking for a few hours we stopped at the bottom of a hill where Braedyn was very hungry and ate some snacks. Sanya and Nora sat by a beautiful stream and talked for a while before continuing.

After a few minutes Julia and Izzy broke off from the rest of the group and took a bus to Chamonix. They had an adventure of their own catching the bus, and had quiches for lunch. The rest of the group continued as they hiked up a very difficult and cold mountain. At the top of the pass we crossed into a valley. CJ really enjoyed walking into a new country (Switzerland). Then we all took a picture at the top of the mountain and went to a hut to get hot chocolate. Abe and Mora bought shirts at the hot chocolate hut. James really enjoyed his hot chocolate and got a yummy coke lolly pop.

Then we walked through a very large valley where Bruno and Jack really enjoyed the view. Later, people had the option to walk or take the bus back to camp. Eli surprisingly decided to take the bus with four others while Paige chose to walk back to camp along with the rest of the group.

Once they arrived, with Tennessee’s amazing social skills, Cal made a British friend. We ate a delicious dinner of kabobs and rice. After dinner Abe went to the campsite trampoline and pulled out some nice tricks. We then finished the day with evening meeting.

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