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Bold Alps Day 6

8-6-2023 Day 6

Today was our first (and only) full Italian day of the trip. We had a late morning with an 8am wake-up and we caught a bus to Courmayeur right after breakfast. In Courmayeur, we had 45mins of “town time” to explore the main road lined with shops. Immediately, everybody went to try some Italian gelato. Sanya finally was finally able to purchase a raincoat and bag-cover. Upon seeing the prices of the Montcler glasses, Cal realized he wanted to be a Bajillionaire. Also in Courmayeur, Julia, Nora, and Brayden bought fresh Italian pastries and James, Tennessee, and Abe had authentic street pizza. After town-time, we split into two groups; one of which did a “spicier” hike. The self-titled “cruising crew” took a bus up to shorten the route. Paige, valiantly, was the only girl who opted for the harder option. Before the spicy group departed, Abe realized he forgot his hiking socks in his duffle bag and scrambled to pick a pair up at a store while the rest of the group saw a hummingbird in a flower path. The cruising crew played “contact” on the hike and after a 900m ascent the spicy group had a picturesque lunch overlooking Courmayeur. The rest of the hike was pretty breezy for the spicy group and the cruising crew had a similar but abbreviated experience. When we arrived at the Bonatti mountain hut, Bruno went straight to nap. Jack, CJ, and Cal played a card game while the rest of the group played an intense game of Uno. Eli finally found himself tired after the hike and everyone had to fill out their mid-course evaluation which wrapped up the substance of our day.

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