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Bold Alps Day 5


We all woke up around 6:20 am for the long trek that lay before us. Little did we know, this hike would be a doozy! (our poor knees :() We all came down to the main room for a breakfast of oatmeal, cereal, and bread with honey and jams. After that we got our things ready and set out for the long trek ahead. The hike started with VERY cold wind and a dense fog covering the landscape. While at the start we found the most peculiar site, snow in August. Pierre told us there wasn’t enough snow for snowballs but that didn’t stop Paige, CJ, and Izzy from throwing 1 or 2 snowballs at each other. After that, we reached the tallest point of the day at 2,500 meters tall! There everyone wrote their names in the snow and took a picture. We had a long trek downhill until we finally got out of the clouds and snow and reached a large open area with cows everywhere. James and Cal really loved the herd and enjoyed petting them. After another long downhill trek, we rested at rocks next to a stream made by water that melted from the glaciers. Abe threw a rock into the stream waters, splashing Sanya. Luckily, she was a good sport and we continued to walk through cows and mud for a while. Nora dropped her camera into the mud and had to clean it off. We eventually all got through the mud and stopped at a cheese factory. We split into two groups and enjoyed incredible cheeses and saw a pot full of melted cheese. Tristan bought some delicious cheese from the factory after we got to try samples and decide our favorite type. After the cheese factory, Bruno and Tennessee walked up a steep hill while making gym references. Jack was walking when a huge herd of sheep started to cross the trail. A few minutes (or hours) later we reached the Italian border and jumped over into Italy together. There, Julia enjoyed the satisfaction of walking from one country to another. Finally, after our arduous uphill journey to the border, we finally started our descent down the mountain. At one point, Eli and Pierre went off on their own to go to a glacier and make snow angels. After a lot more walking through a beautiful territory, we eventually reached the end of the 15 mile journey through the trail. We loaded into a van which took us to a campsite. Finally, we were treated to pizza from a local restaurant to conclude the long and difficult day. We then had our evening meeting and went off to sleep very quickly.

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