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Bold Alps Day 4

Day #4

We woke up this morning to a light drizzle and a soggy campground. We devoured some granola and Izzy and Tristian were drinking coffee from a honey bottle. Shortly after, we set out on day #2 of our trek and breezed through the flat portion of the trail. It was all uphill from there. Halfway through the first uphill stretch, we came across a bridge and a waterfall. Pierre informed us that this bridge was a Roman bridge built over 2,000 years ago. We crossed the bridge and the terrain became even more difficult. The struggle was real. Sanya and Bruno chatted their way to lunch and we stopped on a false saddle for lunch.

At lunch, the group tried some sheep and cow cheese; and James really enjoyed it. After lunch, Braedyn and Nora didn’t stop chatting and were constantly talking about how they wanted to be in a cloud. Later in the day, they found out that being in the clouds was not so fun after all. Everyone continued to the top of the saddle at their own pace. Eli and Paige finished 20 minutes before everyone else and Eli embraced the cold being shirtless in the rain and wind. As everyone else finished, we found shelter in a small shelter shack on the top of the mountain. CJ and Tennessee left their name in the shack.

We continued onto the last hour of the hike in the clouds with hail and freezing rain hitting our legs. Cal appreciated his waterproof hiking boots and Sanya appreciated the help she got from Laurence by covering her pack with a trash bag. Braedyn’s readjustments only made it worse but made us laugh more. Once arriving at our mountain hut, we were surprised to see so many people and bags packed in like sardines, but it was very cozy. Multiple people purchased hot chocolate and played UNO while Julia and Jack napped after a very tiring day.

By Eli, Braedyn (and kinda Abe), and Sanya

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