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Bold Alps Day 3

Heyyyyy parents! When the clock struck 6:30 we rose from our deep slumbers. We ate some radical breakfast, created by our amazing cook crew consisting of Paige, Cal, and Bruno. Then we packed our bags and our lunch and hopped in the van to go to the gondola. While waiting for the gondola, Tennessee, Sanya, and Nora got some hot cocoa and pastries. We rode the gondola and the view was wonderful. We started our first day of the track crossing a waterfall on a sketchy wooden bridge. We started the uphill and found ourselves at a ridge. We ate some snacks and took some epic jumping flicks. Another hiker saw Tennessee taking some flicks and ask him to take a jumping picture of him. After a long downhill, we arrived at our lunch location and Jack ate a little too much. After a short hike, we had some milk by a barn. CJ LOVED the milk. Eli, Abe, and Cal were great at hiking. When we got to town, we checked out an old church. After that, we split into groups and drove to the campsite. James, Julia, and Brooklyn loved dinner. While dinner was being prepared, some of us went to play ping pong. Eli was too good and nobody could beat him. Tennessee and James learned jiu-jitsu from Triston and then incorporated it into an intense jiu jitsu game. We ate dinner, had an awesome evening meeting led by Sanya and Bruno, and went to bed.

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