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Bold Alps Day 2!


Our adventure began at 7:15 in the morning with some folks feeling bright and cheery, while others still felt a bit jet lagged. We started our day with hard boiled eggs, cereal, bread, yogurt, Nutella, fruit and jam. After breakfast, we formed a circle and played some games. We played biggest fan, where Sanya ended up with the whole group cheering for her. In one of them, Julia lost a really close moo-off.

After that, we found each others’ comfort zones and panic zones while also sharing our hopes and fears for the trip. It was connecting and helped us learn more about each other. Next we got ready for our first thrilling adventure. Our first stop was visiting the Mt. Blanc luge that was converted into a rollercoaster. It was not on the original itinerary, but was a really fun addition! The rollercoaster was very fun and thrilling because you could control the speed at which the coaster would glide down the track. We wished it was longer! Bruno enjoyed it a lot.

Next CJ, James, Julia and Nora (the first cook crew) prepared a delicious lunch. After that we went to the outdoor store to purchase any items that people forgot to bring. Nobody forgot their hiking boots! Following the shopping spree, we headed over to our main activity of the day; white water rafting.

Our crew was split into 2 groups: octopus and giraffe. We travelled down the rapidly flowing glacier water (that felt freezing, it was about 2 degrees Celsius). We stopped at a bank along the river and the group decided to float down for a while. Following the stoppage, Cal decided to lead his raft and ride the bull(sitting on the very tip of the front of the raft). We then passed a spectacular glacier where Braedyn and Nora decided to stand up on the raft for a photo. The rest of the Octopus raft joined in shortly after.

Further down the river, Sanya swam in the freezing cold glacier water. Eli, Paige, and Jack enjoyed the entire rafting experience. After the entire group returned from rafting, everyone felt accomplished and exhausted. Jack taught Cal a card game that he brought. Our trek guides, Pierre and Laurence, came by to meet us and talk to us about the trek. We had a delicious spaghetti dinner, made by the cook crew, and ended the day with the evening meeting lead by Tennessee and Abe. They were the first student leaders of the day, and did an excellent job. Of course, the boys played dodgeball before and after that.

This was the end of an amazing day, but only the start of our entire trip. Tomorrow we set off on the long trek through Chamonix and Mt. Blanc. Each blog will be accompanied by a self portrait of the day’s blog writers. Written by Cal, Paige and Bruno,

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