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Bold Alps Day 13 blog


Sunday August 13

Our final day in Chamonix and of the trip began with crepes cheffed up by the crepe-master Eli and the rest of his cronies, Brayden and Julia. We then scurried off to rock-climb at the same venue as the Adventure Park. Tennessee blew everyone away with his incredible rock-climbing prowess the guides were shell-shocked by how well he could climb (it was fast). We spent 26 hours at the wall (it was four) and got back to the Gite la Montagne to eat chicken and cheese quesadillas. Apres-dilla we had our final march into the town of Chamonix and an epic scavenger hunt ensued. Tennessee, Nora, Jack, and Julia’s team entitled “burger” reigned victorious even after having points deducted for tardiness. We made our way back to our humble abode where we fancied ourselves up before having a dinner out. Fireworks happened at the same time as our closing evening meeting (totally on purpose!). We will see you soon!

Over the course of our trip we made great memories. From Eli, Abe, and Tennessee’s hill sprints to James’ failing to compete in UNO ™. At the start of our trip in the airport, we were all wary and apprehensive to approach potential enemies. But now we realize that those strangers really were enemies and we should stay far away from them (just kidding!!!). When we all got to the Gite we invented a new game called “One Ball Dodge-Ball” and created a penalty system called “Strikes” in which rude jokes, dropping things thrown at you, being late, or overall being not chill resulted in receiving strikes. On day two of the strike we had revelation that Braedyn “born to ball.” Once we arrived in Italy, Tennessee, James, Cal, and Abe realized their mafia ties and the privileges that came with them. Jack’s game “Four Souls” grew in popularity amongst the group as we progressed in the trek. A few nights later Nora did her best impression of the boys and realized she was too cool and had to stop. Throughout our two-week adventure, Bruno persistently pushed through his fears whether it came to leaping off cliffs or climbing up 90-degree rock faces high in the air. Sanya, Braedyn, and Nora started an epic prank war (it lasted two days (barely)) which as it commenced brought the whole group closer together. As we kissed the ground of the Gite in Chamonix, CJ, and Julia were overwhelmed with glee and jumped for joy to have finished the hike. In the end, we were all still “sworn enemies” (jk) but much more tight-knit. We will end tonight with a final dinner and reminisce over an amazing trip.

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