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Bold Alps Day 12 Blog!

Today we had an early morning start. Our breakfast was a delectable meal cooked by Abe, Sanya, Tennessee, and CJ. We then began our adventure to the Via Ferrata experience. We split up into three groups and started our assent. Izzy’s group created Barbie names for everyone. Through out the trip Bruno persevered through his fear of heights, and James enjoyed the Via Ferrata. After we got back and ate lunch, Eli asked everyone to draw “tattoos” on his arm. Afterwards we got two hours of town time. Braedyn and Nora put on a fashion show while Sanya, Paige, and Julia judged. After town time, we wrote letters to ourselves that Izzy will mail out in the future. Cal, Jack, CJ, and Triston were playing four souls as everyone waited for dinner. We then finished the day off with evening meeting led by the LOD’s, which were Paige and Tennessee. Ye3haw

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