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Bold Alps Day 10!

We woke up today at 7:15 and made our way down to breakfast. At breakfast, Nora, Braedyn, Sanya, and Julia took a moment to appreciate the fresh squeezed local apple juice. Shortly after, we placed our bags in the van and Pierre and Laurence surprised us with an assortment of croissants. Once we stuffed our stomachs with pastries, the group set out on the final 180 minutes of our trek. Cal, Abe, Tennessee, James and CJ were so excited to be finished with the trek they found themselves 20 minutes ahead of everyone else and basically ran the last portion! Once meeting up with the rest of the group, Bruno, Eli, and CJ explored a cave we found along the side of the trail. Bruno was brave enough to take the first step and led the way through the cave. As the hike continued we played contact and categories. Jack’s word for contact was guessed on the first try! A few minutes later, the group arrives in a town where we closed out our trek. Nora and Braedyn taught Laurence all about Annie until we got back to the gite. The group celebrated accomplishing 80 miles in 8 days by sharing our highlights from the trek. We had an assortment of pizza and dessert before saying bye to Laurence, Pierre, and Bertrand. Paige was so excited to be back in Chamonix! We then loaded up our dirty laundry, had some town time, and cleaned our clothes. Everyone went grocery shopping to prepare for our personalized menus. Nora, James, and Jack cooked fried rice and teriyaki chicken which was so good! We ended the night with a candy bar, and a choir of singing each others names, led by Abe. Best day!

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