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Bold Alps Day 1

Welcome to the last adult written blog!

The beginning of a MAGNIFICENT, FANTASTICAL, JAW DROPPING trip had begun last night for our students. Triston & I got to the airport at 6:30 AM to meet our first arriving group. Eli, CJ, Paige, & Tennessee got through security relatively slowly, and waited even longer for the luggage to arrive. After that was done, they helped me in the grocery store buying lunch while the rest of our crew was slowly arriving.

Bruno & Abe flew in HOT, SMOLDERING WITH EXCITEMENT. Basically, the whole rest of our crew arrived all at once after that. We played cards & wasted time until our shuttles arrived. With the help of Triston and his magical persuasion skills, we got the shuttles to come earlier. Eli enjoyed hot milk and pie (separately). One van of people immediately fell asleep after entering the vehicle. Van #2, driven by Sideshow Bob, had lively conversations on the drive for Chamonix.

Once at our gite, we played lasers, and Nora & Tennessee agreed to a tie after a round lasting millennia. Nobody was confident enough to say that they knew everyone’s name, but maybe now they do (hopefully). We wandered into town & broke into several groups named blueberries, strawberries, apples, & bananas to gather more items from the grocery store. Triston & I prepared burritos for dinner while the kids played a game of Spy until dinner was ready. We had our evening meeting, and some folks played dodgeball. Overall, a packed, yet wonderful way to start this brand new adventure! We can’t wait to get to know all your wonderful kids. From here on out all of their names will be included in the blog each day. Au revoir, Izzy and Triston



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