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Bold Alps Blog Day 11

We woke up at 7 o’clock, however, cook crew was already hard at work. Paige, Bruno and Cal made a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs and french toast. After breakfast we packed our bags and headed out for the day. Our first activity of the day was canyoneering. This meant that we had to get outfitted in wetsuits and helmets. After that we headed to the canyon. We started out by sliding down a water slide, rappelling and cliff jumping (safely of course!). Sanya and Braedyn and then Nora and Paige went down the natural slide together. Finally we left canyoneering for lunch at a park. Tennessee, Jack, CJ, and James visited ruins by the lake. After lunch we went to the adventure park. Eli and Abe earned their za za certification and then did the black course (the hardest one) twice. After climbing we got ice cream. CJ loved his lemon ice cream. Finally, we took the bus home and ate BLT’s for dinner. After we finished evening meeting, Jack, Triston, Abe and CJ played Jack’s card game. Izzy taught Eli a separate card game that he won.

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