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Bold Earth Adventures

Bold Alps Day 9

Braedyn and Nora woke up at 7:00 to the lovely smell of ketchup laced into their jackets after last nights activities. The group met downstairs for a buffet breakfast, where Eli & Cal loaded up on shots of espresso. Shortly after, we packed up our backed and left the gite. We split into two groups where one group had a longer hike & one group got driven partially up the hill. Abe, Tennessee, & Eli raced up the steep uphill until both groups were all together for lunch. While accompanied by cows, with their musical bells serenading us, we enjoyed a fresh lunch. Can I get a Cowabunga! After that, we were surprised with a spread of delectable cakes & pies after lunch. Paige loved her apricot pie! Sanya loved the cakes. After lunch, we continued our hike before stopping to find the old bold earth rock from a year ago under a tree, then made a new rock. Bruno, CJ, James, & Jack signed the new rock to leave their marks. We continued until the end of the hike where there was a shop where Julia purchased ice cream from & Abe bought a harmonica. A part of the group drove straight to another gite, but the other group walked a bit more, where Izzy, Abe, & CJ found silverware on the side of the road (a gift for our driver Bertrand as a repayment for many lost Tupperware containers). Then, we got to the new place where we ate dinner and the boys pranked the girls in a bit of lighthearted fun. After dinner, we went outside to play a game Salad Bowl and do evening meeting before going to bed.

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