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Bold Alps: Day 9

Hello birthgivers,

Today we woke up at our gite and had a delicious Swiss breakfast. Luca and Baron got their daily cup of chocolate milk right before heading out. The trek started off easy, but quickly became steep. To cool off Ellie, Beny, Luca, and Carly had a water fight in a run down bathtub along the trail. We ate lunch with the cows and Jacques and Adrien indulged in treats and sparkling apple juice, Everyone enjoyed the downhill after lunch, and Zoey and Ruth had a great talk. Molly, Ruth, Bober, Ellie, Beny, Carly, and Luca browsed in the gift shop. Noah and Ben discussed Amsterdam prior to Noah working up the courage to talk to a french girl at the hotel. We are playing games and making grocery lists before dinner. Everyone is looking forward to the last day of trekking. See ya!!!

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