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Bold Alps: Day 8

Dear travel sponsors,

Today we awoke at 7:00 to prepare for our so-called rest day. We ate a wonderfully and surprisingly fantastic breakfast before helping to pack up our camp. With Ellie and Jacques being the team leaders, the rest of us went on to our jobs. The hike started on a downhill slope and for the first time, Jacques and Adrien weren’t in the front. We all joined in on a game called speed dating, where we had some deep and funny conversations. After trekking through many historical Swiss towns, we all met up with Bertram for our most delightful lunch yet. Ruth, Noah, and Zoe journeyed down to the river to dip their feet in, but Beny jumped into some ankle high water. After finally arriving in Champex, we checked into our hostel in town to swim. Molly, Carly, and Ellie wanted a relaxing time on a boat, but the boys had some other plans. Luca, Ben, and Andrew Bober overtook the 4 person boat advising everyone to jump in the water. Andrew Baron convinced Ruth to go in the water. Later we ate a nice dinner out in the town. We will soon enjoy an amazing night’s rest in our Swiss hotel. Talk to you soon!

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