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Bold Alps: Day 7

Dear moms and dads,

We woke up from the mountain and had a delightful french breakfast with lots of bread, cheese, and maybe a few too many hard boiled eggs. At 8am, while the sun was still rising, Noah led the polar plunge by jumping into the ice cold water. Shortly after, Luca, Beny, and Andrew Bober followed and leaped into the water.

The trail started with a big ascent, and at the peak, we had to split into 2 groups; those that would follow the path, and those that would follow Pierre into the snow. Among the snow group, Carly carefully chose her steps and expertly made the descent, Jacque used his pole to do a bit of controlled sliding, and Beny did not fall once. Ellie was nailed by a snowball from Jacque during a snowball fight.

During lunch, a bug got stuck in Adriens leg hair. Molly and Zoey participated in a question game. Ben bought some milkshakes during the hike, Ruth played frisbee with some Germans we met at camp, and Andrew Baron attempted to break the rules by following rumors and searching for a computer but could not find one. Another excellent day on the Tour de Mont Blanc!

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