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Bold Alps: Day 6

Dear Men and Women,

After a dark and stormy night, we had to make a hard decision between a chill day or a long hike; some may say harder than Mount Everest. Ruth led the group and convinced everyone to choose the hard hike.

After eating a very balanced breakfast, we packed our things and set off for a small glimpse of civilization. In town, after Adrien and Ben bought some hiking poles and equipment, and Zoey got her much needed caffeine, Luca attempted to strike up a conversation with a few other kids in the area, but lost courage at the last moment. Finally after a long morning at approx 10:53:25 we began our long 6 hour trek. Many bets were made including whether or not Ellie was going to find an ibex (a mountain goat), and unfortunately, she did not. Molly pushed through the entire hike with 2 stitches in her knee (don’t worry she’s okay!).

During a break, Beny taught everyone how to do a proper push-up. At the same time, Luca and Andrew Baron were constantly talking about their card game, EH-MAZING 15’s. That wasn’t the only thing that had happened though! Noah and Jacques talked about soccer for 3 hours.

When we finally arrived to the mountain hut, EH-MAZING 15 was taught to everyone and Carly destroyed Ellie in an incredible 60-0 sweep. At the same time, Andrew Bober stole Lucas shirt (he gave it back). In the end, we all made it and we pushed ourselves more than we ever thought possible at the beginning of this trip!


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