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Bold Alps Day 2: Rafting in Chamonix!

Blog 7/1: Andrew, Zoey, Ben

Dear caregivers, and child bearers alike,

After a long travel day yesterday, the leaders allowed us to catch a few extra z’s with a wake up call at 8:00AM. Then we had breakfast consisting of French bread, fruit, cheese, Nutella, jam, and Andrew Baron’s chocolate milk, which he genuinely thinks is the best he’s ever had. Next, we went outside to sign the participation agreement; proceeding with a few thrilling games. Luca won at rock, paper, scissors, and Molly won in a moo-off to settle a tie. After assigning groups for chores, Ruth, Beny, and Jacques “cooked” sandwiches for the group, which were lettuce-less due to Carly’s shopping mistake last night and almost had cabbage instead. Post lunch we ventured to town where we met Noah and Ben finally got his bucket hat. As we scuttled home to pack our day packs, we wandered down to go rafting. We split into two groups and while rafting we caught up to each other and Andrew, Zoey, Ellie, and Adrien got splashed by each other. After a beautifully prepared stir fry materialized by the same cook crew mentioned earlier, we cleaned up and are probably reading this blog to the rest of the gang pretty soon. Don’t forget to ask the student’s siblings if they have ever played rugby!

Love, bold alps group 1

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