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Bold Alps Day 11

Dear Parents

Today we woke up bright and early for a 7:30am departure for canyoneering. Andrew Bober and Ruth quickly made a delicious breakfast of avocado toast and crepes. After splitting into 2 van groups, we grabbed wetsuits and started our sleepy 2 hour car ride to Italy. Upon arrival, we intricately put on our wetsuits and which served as an Antarctic expedition jacket into the heat. We all complained during a 20 minute hike in the smoldering heat to the top of the canyon, while Ben realized he didn’t need to put on his wetsuit on until we reached the top. One by one, we were rappelled off the cliff and into the refreshing cool water. Jacques and Adrien led the group down. Andrew Baron described the moment he hit the cold water as the “best feeling of his life”. After venturing over and under rocks and cliffs, Beny made a massive splash when he cannonballed off a high (but not too high!) cliff. The boys became excited when they found out they were in the same water as their glorious leader, Triston. Molly and Carly both screamed when a natural slide turned into a drop. After multiple hours of traveling down the river canyon, we had a super exciting finish with a rappel into a pool. On the van ride back to Chamonix, Jacques and Triston took a picture of the boys sleeping. Luca and Noah waved to other cars at the border crossing. In the other van, the Andrews foot wrestled while Ellie also made some new friends with those around. Zoey and the other girls had a deep conversation in the front of the van. We are now finally back at Luca’s dads house (the Alpenrose Gite). We are about to indulge in a taco night dinner and prepare for the Via Ferrata tomorrow.

-Stay tuned grandmas and grandpas.

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