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Bold Alps: Day 10

Hello Mommy’s and Daddy’s,

Today was our very last day trekking the Tour Du Mont Blanc. We supposedly hiked around 80 miles over the course of 8 days. The blisters are very annoying. After waking at our gite, Andrew Baron and Molly discovered Carly, Ellie, and Zoey still in their room. Everyone dragged down their voluminous bags down the stairs and ventured into the gite cafeteria for croissants. Ben and Jacques serenaded our cochlear membranes by smackin’ some notes on the ancient piano. Who knew a vegetarian could play so well?! Beny, Noah, and Adrian helped form the fire line to give Bertram the duffles one last time. (Crying sad emoji) Following in the footsteps of our guide Pierre, Luca led the group for the last 10 miles of terrific trekking in the tree land. Thanks to our guide Lawrence’s besties we got to see a Swiss or French helicopter worth over 9 million dollars. Andrew Baron drooled over bikes, and Ruth took a comfy nap on the pavement. We finished the day with a delectable lunch of fresh high-quality marvelous meats and said our bittersweet farewells to Pierre, Lawrence, and Bertram, (besties for the restless + for lifers). We had a stressful laundry and grocery expedition in Chamonix after returning to Mr. Cho (Luca’s frienemy and owner of the Alpenrose). A good portion of us hung our wet laundry out to dry after catching up with those reading this blog. We are now gonna go indulge in bolognese and sleep comfortably. (Silly goofy emoji) Peace out shawties.

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