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Bold Earth Adventures

Bold Alps 1: Day 5


By: Beny, Jacques, Ruth

Dear survivors of the last era,

Today we arose and ate breakfast at the beautiful refuge with a 360• mountain views . Everyone was well rested and Beny and Noah made a new friend (a dog). Andrew Bo led the stretch circle to prepare everyone for the 15-mile hike. Jacques and Adrien got a head start and everyone else followed. Andrew Ba used his skiing skills to slide down the snow. Ellie and Molly had incredible attitudes through the ups and downs. We stopped for lunch and Luca ate everyone’s freeze-dried bananas while Noah devoured the salami. Ellie and Andrew Bober ate all the cheese at the cheese factory. Ruth and Molly tried cheese even though they don’t usually like it- Molly thought it wasn’t too bad! Carly, Zoey, Izzy, and Molly played “contact” all the way up the mountain, with Carly stumping the group with the word “backpack”. Ben, Beny, and Noah sang Bohemian Rhapsody. We caught the bus in perfect time and everyone made it back to the campsite and played the new game, Ehmazing 15. After our 15-mile hike, we ordered pizza after crossing the border into Italy. It was a challenging but good day and we will be back tomorrow.

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