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Bold Alps 1 Day 4


By: Carly, Molly, Luca

Dear parental guardians,

We awoke from our slumber at 6:45am to emotionally prepare for what has been said to be the hardest day of the trek. We had to put away the tents and pack two days’ worth of supplies. Ruth was a pro at figuring out what to pack in a small day pack. Once we started our trek, we soon realized it was going to be a toughie. To keep us with a positive attitude we sang songs and played lots of intense rounds of the game “contact”. Through the hike, Beny and Noah got in touch with their native roots by speaking Portuguese and Dutch to make new friends. Adrien and Jacques once again carried our group by practically sprinting up the mountain. During lunch, Carly discovered her love for tomatoes after thinking she never liked them. After we ate, Luca wrote a message in the snow, we are still shocked that there is snow in July. After our last big climb, Ben proposed to Luca (it was fake). As we continued to hike, Zoey pointed out to the group one of the most beautiful lakes we have ever seen. In the super slippery snow, Molly enjoyed carefully sliding in the snow and got soaking wet. We have now arrived at the magnificent mountain hut as we are writing this, Andrew Bo is dealing the cards for blackjack, Ellie is enjoying her sparkling lemonade and Andrew Ba is taking a nap on the table. What a day!

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