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Bold Alps 1 Day 14

Hello parental guardians!!

The final day has come: your children are either already with you or on their way home to you! We have been so delighted with how this group turned out. The fam was endlessly positive and energetic through an extremely busy itinerary. They opened up and shared deep parts of themselves during our evening meetings. They tried new foods, some that they loved, and some that they didn’t. We trekked through the alps, made French friends, and spent a lot of time laughing. To parents and guardians: thank you SO much for sending your precious kids on this trip. We care for them deeply. To our fam: YALL ARE THE BEST!!! We will never forget you. Thanks for being along for the ride with stellar attitudes nearly every step of the way. So much love!!! We hope to see you again.


Izzy and Tristón

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