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Bold Alps 1 Day 13

Dear those who hath birthed ten fingers and toes,

Today was the last day of the Bold Alps 1 trip. After a stormy night full of lightening and thunder, Jacques and Adrien woke up *most* of the group. Carly, Ruth and Ellie enjoyed a few minutes of extra zzz’s. To start the day, the fam went rock climbing! Beny conquered all of the routes, and Zoey was both the first to belay and the first to climb. For lunch, Molly ended up being the only one not singing the Butter song. (It’s a new hit). After filling out some end-of-trip evaluations, the fam headed out for a scavenger hunt in town. Zoey secured a lot of answers for the girls team, and Luca ran around and got photos with various required things for his team. Bober snuck a picture of Jacques behind Molly because she had dyed hair. This checked off one of the tasks in the hunt. Meanwhile, Baron slurped his slarpie. The crew got gelato before catching the local train back to the hostel. Andrew Bober and Carly also found some bubbles. Afterwards, Noah helped the boys and Izzy get ready for the final dinner with some eyebrow customization. We are about to head to said final dinner, so here are a few moments we would like to note:

-Awkward airport day

-Jacques and Adrien translating lots of French

-All the boys fangirling Bober and Triston

-Molly’s mic being unmuted forever

-Zoey’s amazing girl advice

-Carly’s bright shining face any time of day

-Ben’s fascinating mind when it comes to basketball and much more

-Ellie’s snow roll

-Luca “borrowing” the mountain hut’s pink slippers

-Beny’s Spider-Man mask that was incorporated into the movie “The Channel”

-Noah, Beny and the boys leading songs like “Hey Jude” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” on the trek

-Baron and Adrien finding a computer to watch Nick Eh 30 (zest fest)

-Ruth’s laugh

-Jacques’ “Don’t EVER call me that again”

-Adrien sticking his feet in the girl’s tent

-Ellie chasing Jacques with a mouthful of grass

-Border control

-Bober’s trampoline flips

-Baron making friends with German children

-Izzy faced her fears and went cliff jumping

-We all came out with new skills and connections. It’s been a great two weeks, and we would like to leave some words of wisdom: Never give up, never back down.

Officially signing off,

Bold Alps 1 AKA the fam

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