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Bold Alps 1 Day 12

Dear Parents,

We were awoken by our team leaders Ben and Noah after our cheeky little sleep time. Cook crew prepared an excellent breakfast while the rest of us zombied around our morning routines. After packing our bags and meeting our guides, we set off in two different vans. In van number 1, Beny and Noah sang along to “Welcome to the Jungle” while picturing the upcoming adventure. Upon arriving to the gondola we took two cable cars up the mountain. After a one mile walk, we put on our gear and began the via feratta with Jacques leading the front of the pack. Throughout all of the twists and turns we experienced everyone overcame a bit of nerves about the heights. After this incredible experience, everyone got home safe and we took a trip into town. Many things happened while in town. Noah, Luca, and Ben all ate a second lunch. Adrien and Jacques enjoyed French pastries. Andrew Baron had a frustrating McDonald’s experience when his order didn’t go through. Not only this, but Molly and Carly got their eyes photographed and had some amazing prints made. During the long walk back to Mr. Cho’s, Luca talked about how much he stuffed himself on the second lunch while others ranted about their own experiences. Ellie, Beny, and Zoey went to the supermarket to get more burgers for dinner while the rest of the team showered. Soon after, another group made a grocery run to get supplies for the rest of the trips meals. Meanwhile, Jacques shower plans were interrupted by both Andrews, Luca, and Noah. Luca got into a water fight with the rest of the boys and cook crew did their thing while Ellie ran around trying to catch flies and Ruth enjoyed a long nap. Currently everyone is ready for another evening meeting and we’ll get back to you tomorrow, the last day of this long two week trip without lumens!

-The Bold Alps Family



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