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Bold Alps 1: Arrival Day!


Izzy and Triston here! For the very first time, we are happy to say we are here with almost all of the students as well! We have 3 more coming over the next 24 hours or so, and then our lil fam will be complete.

After numerous cancellations and delays, we picked up the students and Andrew immediately got a latte. The group explored the airport and found an entire mall. And though it was a bit rainy today, the drive into Chamonix was a breathtaking start to a trip that will no doubt be amazing for all of us!

It’s been a pleasure to make these early introductions and meet all your wonderful progeny.

Once in Chamonix, the group headed to the grocery store and got oodles of group food. We had 3 lovely volunteers to make dinner: Ruth, Ellie, and Zoey. The group giggled through a meal of super saucy spaghetti at our hostel and had a short evening meeting afterwards. Luca created a new directional language that the group is going to start using. We can’t wait to get to know the students over the course of the next couple of weeks and for them to form some exciting new memories that they will never forget. We have some exceptional days ahead of us and look forward to sharing all the highlights with you!

You can expect blogs to be written by students from here on out.

Triston and Izzy

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