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Bold Alps 1 Day 3: The Trek Begins

Blog 7/3

By: Adrien, Ellie, Andrew Baron

Dear children of our grandparents,

Today we woke up early from our leaders of the day, Zoey and Ben. “Zoey and Ben, best leaders in my life” said Adrien. Beny (Spider-Man) and Luca bonded so much last night, we received our first and hopefully last noise complaint. Right before we headed on our first trek, Andrew Bober finally found the room key, and all was well. Jacques almost won his first moo-off against his soul mate Adrien. After a delightful public transport adventure, we began our first day of trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc. As was his goal, Andrew Baron kept his complaining to a minimum of 3 complaints. After reaching the first mountain peak, Ruth fell twice in the span of 15 seconds, and was completely fine. Carly and Molly enjoyed watching the cows, while they made sure to stay away from the electric fence. Noah and Ben found love through talking about basketball. Ellie with the help of Triston and Zoe fixed the towel line of our campsite. Some of the group explored while cook crew made dinner, and found a soccer field. After evening meeting, Noah, Andrew Bober, Jacques, Adrien, Ruth, Izzy and Beny went and played soccer as the night grew dark.

See you tomorrow, lots of love, Blanc crew 2.

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