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Blog Day 9: Surf’s Up!

It was another early morning here in Costa Rica. Yay! We demolished breakfast and coffee. Sammy, our lovely leader of the day, delegated tasks for the day. Thanks to her unwavering support, the troops fell into line and we were able to load everyone on the bus. Then, we drove to an adorable little surf town called Tamarindo. We started the day learning how to stand up on the board, then we hopped into the water to start catching some waves. Olivia absolutely shredded the waves, she stood up twice! So proud of her! Cole Johnson, Alex, and Brooks were advanced, and were able to surf the massive waves all by themselves. Brianna worked on getting up, and ended the session as a pro. Everyone was able to stand up by themselves, and had a blast. Then, we had lunch where we ate chicken quesadillas. On the way back to the B&B, Anna assumed the role of DJ and the van rocked out. We capped off the afternoon with a little siesta, waiting out a little rainstorm. Once the sunshine returned, Lucas retrieved the hacky-sack for a group game.

After spending the remainder of the daytime frolicking on the beach, we had a delicious dinner on a rooftop deck. Cole Kennedy was so hungry he got a second order of the lasagna. ¡Muy rico! We then went shopping where the girls immediately ran to get smoothies and bikinis. Hannah, Mckenna and Alana all bought such cute suits, and they were made with recycled bottle caps. We love it when our fashion reflects our environmentally conscious values. We all went to bed extra early so that we can be well rested to take on the waves tomorrow!

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