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Blog Day 10: Fins Up!

The gang was permitted to sleep in today before a big day on the surf. Cole took Trip Leader Cooper out for a lesson on the barrel waves. All of the practice paid off, and they rode a wave together side by side. Hang 10! The thousands of beach goers thought “Surfs Up!” in this moment of triumph. Meanwhile, Anna tore through shelves of swimwear, looking for the perfect gift to herself. Needless to say, she found it. Brianna continued her ascent to fame at the Iguana Surf Shop, showcasing unprecedented improvement, seeing that she started surfing for the first time just yesterday. Then, the crew wolfed down a lunch of cheeseburgers: plain and dry, just how Cole likes ‘em. From there, we raced to our snorkeling outing. After assembling our snorkels and flippers, we dove right in surrounded by wildlife. Our guide found many oysters, which we tasted later on. One of the oysters had a tiny pearl in it! The rest of the day was awesome, it included downtime, dinner, and ice cream. ¡Hasta la pasta!

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