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Alps Adventure Pre Trip: Intros and Airport!

Hello friends!

We hope you are all feeling ready for our Alps adventure. Triston and I are here in Geneva preparing for our trip. Navigating the airport is not too complicated, but we wanted to give some pointers. After exiting your plane, you will walk down a long hallway (follow the crowd!), and a line will begin to form. Stick to the right side, for foreigners (picture attached). After showing your passport, you will head downstairs to get your bags. Please head through the nothing to declare exit (pictured). We will be waiting for you directly outside of that door, near where the red light line is.

In order to connect to the Wifi at the airport you will be required to enter either your passport or ticket number. We found it easiest to connect once we were out of security.


We can’t wait to see you!!!! Triston’s phone number is 208-954-7912. Izzy’s is 925-522-6989. WhatsApp is the easiest way to contact us. We will be at the airport for quite a while until we have collected our group. Once we have everyone we will be driving to Chamonix.

A few additional things to note:

We will be on our trek until day 10, and wifi will be limited. Thank you for your patience with blog posts! You can expect them every 4 days. 

We are so excited to meet you all and for our journey ahead! Travel safe and we will see you soon!

🌎✨ Triston and Izzy

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