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Alps Adventure: Mid Trip Calls Countdown!

Hello Parents!

Triston and Izzy here with a short interruption in your regularity scheduled student programming. As you’ve no doubt been reading, the trip has been going great so far! We’ve had lots of laughs, triumphs, and have overcome some seriously awesome challenges on this trek of a lifetime. Can you believe we’re almost halfway done?! That can only mean one thing… mid trip phone calls! We’re sure you can’t wait to hear all of the amazing stories your wonderful children have to tell. In just about a day from now you can expect calls from your kids (remember to have WhatsApp downloaded). We just wanted to give you all a heads up to turn up the volume so you don’t miss anything as an odd time of day (the time changes can be wild this far away). After this the students will be back to providing all written updates! Enjoy your days and be on the lookout in the coming day!

All the best,

Triston and Izzy

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