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Alps Adventure: Day 9

Hola padres!

It’s Payton’s 14th birthday! Today was an interesting day. There was a huge thunderstorm at night, which kept some of us up, although some slept like a baby. After breakfast, Henry, Luke, Michael, Aslan, Payton, and Emory started the hike, while Lauren and Evie volunteered to take the second bus and met up with us later. After hiking through a rainstorm, the whole group met up for lunch at a beautiful little restaurant in the ground floor of a 100+ year old hotel. We were presented with a traditional vegetable soup, along with a type of pasta called risotto. One of our guides found a piano, and Michael shocked the group with his piano abilities. After lunch, Payton, Emory, and Evie waited for ice cream but the old French lady wouldn’t take their orders. Max was lucky enough to get a cake. Shortly after lunch, we spilt into two groups, one of which continued the longer hike to our next gite, while the others, who felt like taking a shorter route, returned to Chamonix for a more relaxing evening. During the hike, we stopped at a nature museum, where we got post cards. After arriving at our gite, Payton devoured five ice creams after losing a bet. Ben K, Kaleb, and Max enjoyed a much needed early bedtime to catch-up on some rest after the previous days intense trekking!

Payton, Ben K, Lauren

July 24

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