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Alps Adventure: Day 8

Hey Parents!

We awoke today at around 7am, and were delighted to see it had not rained the night before. Remy, along with Lauren, Ben K and Payton made breakfast, featuring yogurts, bread, cereal, and everyone’s favorite… Nutella. We then set out on our hike, but upon spotting yet another playground, decided it would be criminal to not stop by. This trip has really brought out the child in all of us! The mini zip line became instantly popular, with the group competing to see who could ride the furthest back uphill. Ben S set an unbeatable record, nearly reaching the very top. Max and Caleb enjoyed the swing set. At lunch Ben K, Luke, and Ben S took a nap. Payton, who had lost a game of Odds to Michael, had to take Izzy’s sunglasses off her face while she was napping. Fortunately for Payton, Izzy is a tight sleeper and did not wake up. Max, Aslan, and Caleb found a slug and fed it a tomato. We then continued on our hike, facing some of the steepest uphill yet. One of our guides, Pier, stayed in the back with the majority of the group, while Lauren, Evie, Michael and Ben S, along with our other guide Laurance, charged ahead. We then found a cave, and decided to go on an expedition inside. Laurance, Ben S, and Luke, snuck off in attempt to scare the others, but Michael, who came prepared with a headlamp, foiled their plans. Once we made it to the hostel, were were reunited with Henry and Triston! They’ve been greatly missed over the past two days, and everyone was excited to see them again. Now back as a whole group, we headed into town, and everyone had a chance to buy souvenirs. Afterwards, we stopped at the lake. Emory and Evie jumped in without a moments hesitation, and beat the boys for staying in the water the longest. Dinner was something everyone could agree upon, chicken nuggets with french fries, followed up by ice cream for desert. At evening meeting the second and third Bold Earth hats were given out, one to Michael and one to Ben S. Talk soon!

Aslan, Caleb, and Michael

July 23

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