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Alps Adventure day 7

Salut les Parents! (French)

Today we passed into super, sunny, scrumptious, sweet, savory, neutral, spicy Switzerland. We woke up to the un-ending sound of a stranger’s alarm. Shortly, we had hard boiled eggs and bread for breakfast. Ben K. slept through the first half of breakfast 😢. Kaleb had 2 slices of pie, and Payton, Max, and Aslan packed away many containers of Nutella for the hike. We all stretched and Ben K. impressed all with his full lotus pose and having the deepest lunge. We embarked on our hike and quickly were met with an 1.5 hour uphill climb. At the top we were greeted with the Swiss-Italian border viewpoint. We continued to walk up around a higher hill until we arrived at an enormous, exciting, enjoyable, entertaining, enigmatic embarkment of snow. Lauren mastered the slope after falling five times. Michael skied down the slope, running into Aslan while doing so. Evie was the subject of intensive snowball terrorizing, failing to defeat Ben S. with her own volley of snow (she isn’t familiar with snow being from Texas). Luke chased marmots across the hills, realizing how easy they are to hunt and, if starved, kill. At lunch, Emory spotted another marmot-hunter circling above our heads, a royal eagle. Trekking the downhill to today’s campsite, we came across a barn which blanketed us with the delightful smell of cow doodoo. When we arrived at camp, eight of us immediately infiltrated the play ground, tactically removing the toddlers from the trampoline hill-shaped thingamajig. Once younglings were removed, they joyfully spectated the game of tag which included element of sumo wrestling and king of the hill. Payton decided instead to watch over the three footers and became fast friends with the four-year old, Ellen. After accidentally bouncing a few kids off the trampoline (no one was hurt), we ate a Frenchy meal cooked by our Frenchy driver/ Frenchy chef. We all missed Henry today, and hope he rejoins us soon.

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