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Alps Adventure: Day 7

Hello parents!

Today we passed into super sunny, scrumptious, sweet, savory, spicy, and neutral Switzerland. We woke up to the never ending sound of a strangers alarm, but thankfully Luke took care of it. We then had hard boiled eggs and toast for breakfast, though unfortunately Ben K slept through the first half of breakfast. Caleb had two slices of pie, and Payton, Max and Aslan took a never ending supply of Nutella packets. Right before our hike, we did some stretches, and Ben K impressed us with his full lotus pose and having the deepest lunge. We proceeded to embark on our hike and were met with an hour and a half of uphill. Once reaching the top, we were greeted with the Swiss/French boarder. We continued to walk along the boarder, at times with one foot in Switzerland and the other in France. We soon arrived at an enormous, exciting, enjoyable, entertaining, enigmatic, embarkment of snow. Lauren mastered her slope sliding skills after falling five or so times. Michael skied down the slope using the heel of his boot, running into Ben K and Aslan doing so. But don’t worry, no one got hurt. Evie became the target of intensive snowball terrorization, failing to defeat Ben S with her own volley of snowballs. Luke chased marmots across the hills, and claimed that it would be easy to catch one. At lunch, Emory heard a marmot warning call, and soon spotted a royal eagle circling overhead. Trekking downhill to todays campsite, we came across a town that was blanketed by a suffocating smell of cow dodo. Once reaching the campsite, eight of us immediately infiltrated the playground, tactically removing the toddlers from the hill shaped trampoline type thing-a-majig. Once the ankle biters had been taken care of, a game of tag commenced, which soon turned into sumo wrestling and king of the hill. Payton was nice enough to watch over the three footers, and quickly made some new friends. After spending adequate time at the trampoline, we enjoyed a French meal prepared by our French chef/driver Remy. During evening meeting, the first Bold Earth hat for excellent behavior and team participation was presented to Payton.

Luke, Max, Emory

July 22

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