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Alps Adventure: Day 6

Howdy y’all!

Today we awoke to some torrential, turbulent rain. However despite this torrential, turbulent, terrible rain, we managed to have breakfast. After the rain stopped, we packed up, and took a bus into a vibrant, virtuous, vital, voluminous village. Evie bought strawberries and shared some with Ben S. Michael got some fresh blueberries. Caleb got a fancy shmancy pantsy water bottle and loves it. Aslan got the same one. Happy birthday to Luke!!! He bought some great birthday souvenirs and Ben S. Emory and Max got gelato. Our bus to the trailhead was so crowded it felt like a bus to a Taylor Swift concert. We all felt very claustrophobic. We eventually reached the trailhead which was a steep uphill all the way to lunch. After lunch, we had a nice mellow flat section and enjoyed gazing at cows. Evie and Ben K continued their wager that if Evie could get a cow to eat from her hand, Ben would give up beef. Tonight he enjoyed a steak (in spirit). At the mountain hut, we enjoyed a huge serving of pasta, though Payton refused to have vegetables. Luke was treated to a birthday cheesecake. We fell asleep to the soothing sound of a crying baby.

Evie, Henry, Ben S

July 21

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