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Alps Adventure: Day 5


Today we crossed the boarder into Italy on what has been and will be the longest day of our trek. 15 long, loonngg, loooooonnnnnngggggg miles. Wow! After our ascent to the highest point of the Tour du Mont Blanc(2664 meters), and pausing to look at the views, we started down to a local cheese making shack. Luke and Caleb purchased and sampled cheeses, while Max was incapable of getting within 10 feet of the cheese. Ben K wagered that he would give up beef if Evie could get one of the baby cows to eat out of her hand. Ben still enjoys eating cows. We had lunch out of sight of the trail, and Lauren, who didn’t see us, almost missed us due to the magnificent views all around. But don’t worry, we got her attention. Henry channeled his inner David Attenborough and photographed goats excessively. Aslan proved why they call him the snowball king, after absolutely destroying Ben K with a sneak attack. Emory proved why they call her the marmot queen with her impressive marmot spotting abilities. Michael, Ben S, and Evie, were the tip of the spear, leading the group up the mountain, and as of today, have all earned their HARD CORE pen tattoo by eating an entire apple, core and all. By the end of the hike, half the group ran a mile to catch the bus to the campsite(Ben S, Emory, Michael, Henry, Max, Evie, Luke, and Lauren) while the others decided to take the slower route and wait for a ride from our amazing driver and cook Remy. At the campsite, Remy had so kindly laid out snacks, which were consumed at an unprecedented rate. Everyones feet hurt, but that’s ok, because dinner was authentic Italian pizza. See ya tomorrow!

Ben K, Emory, and Henry

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